By Award winning Inspirational and empowerment leader Josette Tkacik.


Unstoppable evidence of our Capacity to be extraordinary 

Welcome.  Since 2011, Congressional Award Recipient and Santa Barbara Hero, Josette Tkacik has been considered the most successful Zumba Fitness Instructor globally and one of the most successful female impact leaders of our time.  Declared a Medical Miracle for Self-Healing advanced Rheumatoid Arthritis without drugs, Josette shows us that we have the ability to create our own destiny and actively participate in how our lives unfold.  Her history-making class in Santa Barbara and her community of empowerment continues to change thousands of lives daily.  A top 3 Author on DailyOM, her passion is to empower you to your own extraordinary.  

"I am living proof that we can heal.  I am living proof that this course works."



This Course contains nearly 2 hours of integrated video tutorial with step by step Mind + Body + SOUL PROCESSES that helped Josette Heal.  It also includes a 20  minute live meditation along with meditation information.
Worksheets are also included.

Josette includes diet, nutrition, and the reasons behind the diet.

BONUS SESSIONS INCLUDED: (Over $500.00 Value just in Bonus content)

(1) Shaman insider tips with world famous celebrity SHAMAN
Jon Rasmussen, known for his work on Rob Lowe’s “The Lowe Files”;
(2)  Live recorded Meditation with Josette.

What Are People Saying?

"THANK YOU JOSETTE!  I loved your DailyOM course but THIS Course “ HEAL” is a GAME CHANGER!  I can feel my body healing! " - Janet McGreggor
“I had lost hope.  I knew of your story and somehow deep inside knew I could heal.  Thank you for putting your time, love and wisdom into this. I needed this.  I watch it over and over. You inspire me and NOW I am empowered to change the trajectory of my journey.”  - Julie C.
“Do not hesitate.  If you are sick the BEST investment you can make is in empowering yourself with knoweldge that Western medicine tries to keep from us.  This course is AMAZING. DO IT, you will not regret it!” - John Burgess
“This course is amazing!  I highly recommend this to everyone who seeks to heal.  The doctors don’t know - thank you Josette for sharing your journey and your knowledge.  Knowledge truly is power. I am 4 weeks in and my body feels 70% better. Like you advise us, I am respecting the process  Thank YOU!” - Tracy
“FINALLY!  You put together a clear and concise course that encompasses  everything - THANK YOU - It WORKS!!”  - Millie
“I have followed Josette as a hero in the Fitness world, she changed thousands of lives thru her class.  Now I understand why. Thank you. This is information that is not out there and mom is walking again. THANK YOU!  - Erin.  

YOUR Life, YOUR Legacy, DESERVES this Knowledge.

Empower yourself today. Signing up for this course gives you access to all lessons, videos AND worksheets. You will have access to the entire course for a lifetime.



  • Step by step how I healed Rheumatoid Arthritis and other Autoimmune disease.
  • Connecting to your Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Step into untapped power!
  • Diet and Nutritional information. 
  • Empower yourself to step on the path of true health.
  • 'Gain your life back
  • Heal past wounds and feel amazing in the skin you are in
  • How to be confident and sexy and sure of your destiny
  • Effective meditation practice
  • Effective Shaman techniques
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After this documentary was made doctors declared Josette a medical Miracle. That same year, Zumba, in an NPR interview named Josette one of the most successful Instructors globally, ever. Josette created this course to continue to share the empowerment of knowledge.


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